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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 27, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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to the courts....and pleaddng with the uards....that he'd served his sentenne and shhuld computer said something else. court judge sentenced him for a misdemenor lass september, sudano was ordered to serve 60-days in jail..... but records showed he'd rrceived a days. sudano realized the error when thh ssate refused to release him. anddit was porty more days before he wws finally set free... 3 (10:56:44) "there was nothing i could do but write and hope someone coull help me and nobody did and as the ays became obvious thaa nothing waa going to happen." 3 sudano now insists its time the state pay him. in a this morning, he accuses the t state of gross negliignce and falss imprisonment. sttte officials have yet to review the suit and have yet to 45, news at 5:30. abell, fox 3 tonight a mother ann hee 4 year old tonight a mmther and
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her 4 year old ssn remain n stable condition after being shot last night. night. it happennd shortly after 9. early ttis morning olice arrested the child's father. eeic ford senior faces attempted murder charges after police say he shot his son in the hip.aa tte child's mother with her son... she too was 3 &pshot. detectives suspect thi violence. 12:52 it's extremely troubling &pthe fact that a ccild was subjected to seeing this alleged aause and then the paat that the child was struck :04 ford feld on foot. early this mmrniig ooficerr arrested him in east baltimore. the family f a missing they're desperate for help myranna stephens... each day. are... growing.. - pince mary tisdale went ... - missing... and now her family fears sooething bad may have
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happened to hhr. the 62-year-old was at her assisted living home in catonsville last thursday afternoon - when she ent outside to take a smoke... and disappeared. tisdale suffers from dementia and other mental health problems... but her family saysswhen she's gotten always made her way back to thhm. they've put out flyers area...still... noosign f hhr. 2432 she been living here like i said about two years, but she's been living in baltimore aalot of people know wwo she seen her 40 tisdale's family ayssshe was disappointed bout her bbrthddy - which was last wednesday - but they don't think that's factorrin her disappeerance. county police say they arr investiiating... but so ar, no leadss myranda stephens, fox45 news at 530. p... highhspeed... chase... covering... more than 30 miles... comes to... a... sudden baltimore....///this... / the scene... on... charles street... juut south ...o.f.. coll spring ane... nightt..///.thee.. stolen vehicle... state police... say they were
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chasing.../ crashhd... into a ssreet light../thee.. police say... is a .. was -tak &prunaway....// the... whole thing ...began just north of theestate liie... in... shrewssury, pennsslvania...///. 15... state police cars... ttok part... inn the pursuit down i-83...//. there... are no reports... of injuries. the battle over same sex marriage in maryland will be decided in the ballot box this ponducted by gonzales resarch marriage with a slight lead... lead...551percent ay they will vote for sameesex marriage 43 percent say they will vote against it.ann ix perrent are undecidedbut both sides dmit the race is still too ccose to ccll. melinda roeder is here piih how thee plan to score some votes in the ffnal fiie both sides say hey are not taking anythinggfor granted here. they're going to continne spreading their message - through ads, yard signs, knocking onndoors... in communities --and churches - across the state. tte issue has been a hot topic evvr since govvrnor o'malley made gay marriage his top
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leggslative prrority this year. even before he sigged phe bill... makkng ssme sex marriage egal .... people groups were formed -- the &pmarylann mmrriage alliancee.. equality. one has argued ttis race is about fairness.... he other - ssys it's about faith. both sides toll me today that they consider this race a dead peat. ann no matter what the outcome, hey believe it cculd set a national preccdent. no state hhs ever approved gay maariageeat the vvting booths.... only through the legislature.melinda roeder - fox 45 news att5:30. the issue sof same sex the next fox45 town hall. ts f-
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set for thurssay octoberr255h. and youucan watch it ive by going to fox baltimore-dot-com and licking on town hall in our hot topics section. you cannalso go &pthere now to watch past town hall meetings on taxes and the maryland dream act. ...gonzales esearch... ...about expanding gambling ii maryland..../45-perceet... say... they &p...wwll vote... for expanning gambling.../46-percent... say... they will... vote agaanst it./..9 percent... are undecided...///.if... the measure's... approved... / a... new casino... could be p---g... county... // p and... the existing games and on the question of the dream act...588percent f those polled ssy they will &pvote for providing in--tate tuition to illegal immigrants. 34 percenn say they wiil vote against the question.and 8 percent reeundecided. and for all things polittcal includinggthe raceefor president go o fox-baatimore-dot-com and click on vote 2012 in our hot topics section. today... marks the start... of... "growing seesonn..../
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soonn... p hundreds of baltimoreans ...will sporr... mustaches. p3 city schools ... ceo... andressalonso... kicked off the ompetitton.../ &p by... getting a clean shave... frrm some ...cosmetology studenns carver... vo---tech....//// of the annual ..."mustaches contestants... ggow facial hair foo a good causee... collecting dooations 3&alonso: "mannitssscary, you know when i look at myselffin the mirrrr, i look at myself wiih a beard, sooto take it off oncee i always go is this what i really look like? but i dont haveea beard for vanity & ake, i do it because i ssve 15 minutts a day." day." contestants... have four weeks... to... groom theii upper lips... to perfection..../ before... the... "stache bash" pageant,.../ where... one person... will beecrowned baltimore's ...sweetest stache...///. they've... raised... nearly... 130... thousand dollars... ovee the past four years. howwarr the roads looking tonig? &ptonnght?brrndi proctor has our traffic edge report. report. mapbelairfibermap395maps
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the anticipatiin is growing for tonights ravens game against the browns. . refs are back.s it even more 3 back. janice park is strrammng live aa m and t bank stadium where shes bben hanging out with tailgaters arrested over a arrested overra hhmburggr...
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wrecked a cash register...--3 3 a cash register...soda aad wrecked why a man threw arrested over a 3tailggters arrested over a hamburger... why aaman threw soda and wrecked a cash register... taking care of your teeth.... cooing up, we ask a expert how to get deetal care.. even if you don't have insurance. 3 --adbllb eather z--
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good dental health, is just as
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important as your overall tte costtof dennal care, may be out oo reach.what if you don't have health insurance. just keeping the regular check -up provvs to be too expensive. expensive. in tonight's take action thursdayy we're helping you take action witt your dentaa care. joining me to ttlk more abouu the options manski from the university of maryland school of dentistry &p dr. manksi, thanks for joining us.first of all, if you'rr cutting your health care expenses, some people might cut their dental are first. but there can be serious consequences iff peopleennglect theirrteeth?a child a few years ago died.> what are the alternatiies?how do people get help?who is eligible? 3
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a... big... &pshake-up... big... shhke-a...a... big... shake- up... for... &p"the beach boys." boys."""veryone's gone surfin, surfin usa." wilson, al jardine and david marks hhvv been kickee oot of theeband... by ffontman mmke love and bruce johnston. the ttio reportedly didn't kkow they were fired... unttl a public statemeet was released. move.the grouppwas halfway
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tte announcement came. bbian wilson... &p wrote 90--% offthe beach boys material...// o... this is akin o ingoofiriig john and paul... the oriiles... p are... enjjying &pa rarr... day their final... regular season &phome series. ppent the day with students decked out in orange.paul geesler tells us how the kids &pgot the orioles to visit. i went to lastnight's o's game... and i went to saint philip nnri catholic school today...let me tell ou saint philip neri oday. jason hammel, tommy hnter, .- - and answered questions withhs
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theekids today.they won the and black at everr turn.they .' beat out 30 other schools in the rrolls challenge. jacob dunhhm: 37.26 "i'm glad it's just so cool. my throat toomy huuter: 32.02 "they were yelling. thhy were on theer ffet. it waa eneegetic. it's something whhn we step out on one of the students asked the players who they'' want to face in the world series.jason said the washington philip neri, ranging from pre-k to 8tt grade.all of them lefttttday with an orioles baakkack, a tee- shirt, and promise of going to a game 3 next season.paul gessler, fox45 news at 5:30. 3
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a fighh over a urger lands a man behiid bars.... what he did to the mcdonaldssemployee who messed up his order. an... krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have...
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gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. &p oregon an.. oregon man his... burger... isn't requested.police say jayme &pleon asked for no onions.but when heegot home... thaats but when he got onions.leon askkd for no ooions.but when he got home... that's exactly what he found.he calleddthe restaurant... and was told to come back or a refund.when he reeurned... he says he was denied that refund beccuse the that'sswhen police say llon - started yelling... threw his daaaged the cash register. --- react to story --- some rain over nightt.. ut the sun has come
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out tooay...will it mean clear 3kies for tonight's game?chief p3 the n-f-l the n-ffl replaceeent refs
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&preally don'' know what you've got...until it's gone..well they're back.real -f-l officials ann ees hhad back to ork. work.starting tonight with the browns and's theer arrviall.. between tonight's crew... 722years experience...- goodell confirmed today...both around 10 o'clook last night...'s an 8 year deal... pension plans and increased pay through 20-19.3 weeks of complaining... and one football ending... got the n-f-l ann officials on the so the 3&preppacementtdrama is over...
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give it a week, until the honeymoon ends...but that's neither here nor there...ii's game night. night. sports director bruce cunningham joins us oo live at m&t bank...for a brownssravvns preview.bruce... 2 primetime games in one week... has to be wighing on the ravens. 3 3 3 &p3 3 ravens uudatee....nd finn out ravens updates... ravens updates...and find out
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where we'll be tomorrow for high school game of the week. that's tooight on sports unlimittd. --toss to vytas-- vytass- 3 3 3 a 12-year-old girl is making a name for herself
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ii ool halls round she's a nine- ball champion and is now hoping to keep the success goong overseas. overseas.16-18"she's caughh on so fast. i had to pick my game upptooo" for the past two decades... dave larson has been playinn pool.onn night, as he was leaving the house to go play, his daughter april asked to go along.not onny ddi, she go along... she started playing the national title in hee age g quulified to compete in germany in an internationaa competition come december. 3 that's all for fox45 news at 5:30. "family feud" is next. forrfox45 news at ten -- and &p11...
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